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Now you can receive weekly episodes of Lawrence Ellsworth’s ongoing new translations of Alexandre Dumas’ world-renowned Musketeers Cycle! Our current novel, Shadow of the Bastille, follows the adventures of d’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis at the royal court of King Louis XIV in the 17th century. Swashbuckling, intrigue, romance, suspense, and more!

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Acclaim for the Musketeer Novels Translated by Lawrence Ellsworth

“Newly translated, this sequel to The Three Musketeers is as fresh as ever. Dumas never stints the action, witty dialogue, and surprising plot developments. An excellent, compulsively readable translation [by] Lawrence Ellsworth.”

—    Michael Dirda, The Washington Post

“Dumas’s trademark gifts at crafting engaging historical romances are amply in evidence in this lengthy yet fast-paced volume. Ellsworth’s translation captures a complete narrative. A very entertaining epic.”

—    Publishers Weekly (starred)

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A new, contemporary translation of a Musketeers novel by Alexandre Dumas, now restored to its serial roots!


Author, editor, translator, and anthologist of historical adventure fiction, Lawrence Ellsworth is the author of Cinema of Swords, and is compiling an acclaimed series of new, contemporary translations of Alexandre Dumas's Musketeers novels.